Brooches are being worn by women to make a statement about style and flair. Women like the Australian Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, and former US Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, are known for the elegant brooches they wear, as are Kate Middleton and Nicole Kidman.

Gold sun brooch frontIMG_0169s
Antique 15ct Etruscan revival portrait brooch (on Ruby Lane)

They are often large, of a striking design and they stand out against a plain suit jacket or silk shirt.


Antique brooch with tassels 1IMG_2251
Victorian gold brooch with blue enamel and seed pearls, and tassels in gold (coming to Navette at Ruby Lane soon)

Some are playful and modern, like the large blue plastic parrot below made by Buch & Deichmann from Copenhagen, Denmark, from the 1970s.

Blue parrot frontIMG_2354cr
Buch & Deichmann blue plastic parrot from the 1970s (sold)

Other brooches are more delicate, antique and beautifully crafted in gold.

French griffon1IMG_0049s
French 18k gold and pearl chimaera brooch (on Ruby Lane)