Last month, I wrote about demi parures and parures, matching sets of antique jewellery that have remained together. But so many sets of jewellery were broken up and what is usually available at auctions and in antique shops are single items. So I thought I would show you some ways of matching jewellery of different styles and from different periods which might give you some ideas.

The photos below shows some citrine jewellery. The first is a beautiful citrine girandole gold brooch from the Georgian period. Recently, I was able to purchase a vintage version of this brooch in the form of girandole citrine earrings. They are a fairly good match in colour and together are a fabulous match. Other pieces that go well with this set are the Edwardian and vintage mixed garnet and citrine set bracelets that were produced, usually in yellow, green, gold, brown and red combinations.

Vintage citrine girandole earrings
citrine brooch 2IMG_2380
Victorian girandole citrine brooch (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

I love this antique gold garnet brooch with a rope border. It is a close match with the antique garnet ring (converted from a pendant) next to it. The problem has always been to find some earrings to go with them. I found these vintage double drop garnet earrings which have a similar feel and shape. Unlike the antique pieces, they have open backs, not foiled and closed backs, so the colour of the stones is a bit lighter but still a garnet red.

garnest set IMG_4241
Victorian garnet brooch (in Navette on Ruby Lane), Victorian garnet ring, converted from a pendant, and vintage garnet earrings.

Finally, I found this stunning Victorian tortoiseshell notebook pendant with a silver plaque on the front. The pages of the notebook are made of ivory. It is hard to find antique tortoiseshell earrings so here I have matched some silver medals from the 1930s converted to earrings.

tortoiseshell and medallionsIMG_4247
Victorian tortoiseshell notebook medallion with silver medal earrings