Although I love antique jewellery, that doesn’t mean that I ignore vintage and modern pieces. They can be just as well crafted and designed, and strongly feature gemstones. I thought I would highlight a few examples.

These are a beautiful pair of coral earrings made by Donatella Pellini of Milan. She uses a lot of gemstones in her work as well as resins and crystals.

Milan earringsIMG_4344
Beautiful handmade coral earrings by Donatella Pellini of Milan.

Anita Crowther, from Melbourne, who works a lot with gemstones, cut, polished and designed these ‘prehistoric’ earrings. The top section are ammonite fossils from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, and are coiled shells in the shape of rams’ horns. The bottom sections are polished pieces of agate from Queensland.

fossil earringsIMG_4353
Fossil ammonite and agate earrings by Anita Crowther

Vicki Mason, also from Melbourne, designed these lovely gold earrings inspired by a solar eclipse of the sun. When the moon crosses in front of the sun, it results in a corona of irregular shaped gold around the dark moon.

gold and black earringsIMG_4358
Gold and black hand-dyed cotton drop earrings by Vicki Mason of Melbourne, Australia

Another pair of earrings from Anita Crowther, with a large free-form pearl set with tiny blue, pink and yellow sapphires.

pearl earrings aIMG_4359
Earrings of baroque pearls set with sapphires by Anita Crowther, Melbourne jeweller