The next group of necklaces I wanted to talk about are those that have a pendant of some sort attached to a chain, that is, not attached using a bail. Usually they are longer than the necklaces discussed in the previous post.

The first type is a lavalièr, also known as a lavalière or a lavalière. A lavalièr is a necklace consisting of a ornament, sometimes even just one stone, suspended from necklace chains. In its original French, a lavallière, which came into fashion in the 17th century, was usually a small, jewelled gold locket, though it could also be an enamelled locket. It is supposedly named after the Duchesse de la Vallière who was the mistress of King Louis XIV of France from 1661 to 1667. Interestingly, none of the portraits of her show her wearing such a necklace. She is either wearing a string of pearls or has no necklace.

art deco pendant 2IMG_2227
Art deco lavalier necklace (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

The term ‘lavalièr’ was first used around the beginning of the 20th century to generally describe an ornament of some sort hanging from a chain around the neck. From around 1870 to 1940, it also meant a man’s floppy neck tie or scarf loosely knotted at the front with hanging ends or with a bow at the front of the neck.

A variation on a lavalièr is a négligée necklace. These are necklaces where two dangling drops suspended from a pendant attached to neck chains are of unequal lengths.

aquamarine & moonstone 2IMG_4307
Edwardian aquamarine and moonstone negligee necklace (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

The last necklace to consider is the sautoir, a long necklace that ended with a single tassel or pendant. Some crossed over at the end, often with a tassel on each end. Although long necklaces with pendants have been popular at various times over the centuries,  including the early Egyptian era and the 16th century, they are best associated with the period from 1910 to the early 1930s. I haven’t any pieces from this period but the photo below shows a modern emerald version which illustrates the style.

sautoir IMG_5931
Emerald sautoir

I am only covered a few styles of necklaces but these give you an idea of the styles commonly worn at the beginning of the 20th century.