This post is short, really only some photos of jewellery that make me think of Christmas. The ring featured at the top has all the colours I associate with Christmas – red, green and white. It is a lovely little antique paste ring in 15ct gold. The band has intricate engraved work all the way around. The back is enclosed. The top is set with a central red paste foiled back stone, surrounded by green paste stones and seed pearls. High quality paste rings, often combined with real gems, such as pearls in this case, were made by jewelers following the same designs as those for rings with precious gems and the quality is high.

The photo below shows three antique star brooch/pendants set with seed pearls, showcased against some red native grevillea flowers. Stars adorn the top of Christmas trees and hang as ornaments from trees. Stars feature a lot in antique jewellery. In the 1860s, stars were the most common motif in jewellery. . Stars were tucked into hair, stitched onto dresses and worn as brooches and pendants. Wealthy Victorians wore tiaras topped with stars. The wealthy also used diamonds in their star jewellery  but seed pearls were more accessible for the middle class. Natural seed pearls, which are usually no more than 2mm in diameter, were small enough to be used for borders and to be set within gold borders easily.

Christmas 5IMG_5403
Australian red grevillea flowers and three antique star seed pearl pendants

Returning to the colours of Christmas, bloodstone showcases green and red as you can see in the signet ring below. Bloodstone is an opaque stone belonging to the quartz family. The red spots found scattered throughout the stone have been likened to spots of blood, hence the name. Bloodstone has traditionally been used for signet rings, amulets, fobs and seals, but not really for necklaces, bracelets or earrings. It has a sombre feel to it and is not often seen in modern jewellery designs.

bloodstone ring 1IMG_3769
Antique bloodstone ring with speckled red inclusions

The final photo makes me think of fireworks and celebrations.  It looks a bit like an elegant catherine wheel.

Near Years' pendant1 IMG_5437
Antique seed pearl pendant (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

Enjoy the holiday season!