It is nice, sometimes, to just sit back and look at some new and not so new purchases. So here are a few pieces that might be of interest, all of them snakes. The first is a delightful antique 15ct snake necklace comprising a coiled snake covered in blue and white enamel and having a garnet gem set in the top of its head. It has garnet eyes. Hanging from the mouth of the snake is an oval gold ring containing a central blue and white enamel oval shape set with a garnet. The coils of the snake have three finely engraved segments. The attached chain is lovely and ornate. This necklace is from around the 1880s.  This is a later style to the snake jewellery that was popular around the 1840s.

Antique gold and enamel snake necklace

The second is this stunning antique 15ct snake bracelet coil. It is a delight to wear and looks so striking. The head and the tail are solid and have engravings. It has ruby eyes and is holding a pearl in its mouth. The tail has some hallmarks but they are too difficult to read.  It is not quick to take on and off as each coil has to be wrapped around the wrist individually but what a beauty!

Antique snake bracelet wrap

Next, I have two modern snake rings. The first is a 9ct gold double coiled snake, pave set to its head and coiled tail with brilliant cut diamonds, and set with two black diamonds to eyes. The top part of the coils has been etched to resemble snake skin. The rest of the band is plain but polished.  

Vintage diamond snake ring

The second ring, which is shown at the top of the post, is quite different. Made by Larry, a Hong Kong and Singaporean jeweller, it comprises a coral snake head set with diamonds for eyes and with a gold forked tongue. The etched gold band wraps twice around the finger. The long head lies along the finger. Not a ring for everyday use but for a special occasion.