I have been busy re-opening my shop in the Camberwell Antiques Centre which was closed during our long lockdown and came across this lovely antique seed pearl bangle that I had forgotten was there. You can see it at the top of the post. It is a delicate piece with two wings on each side of a central half crescent moon and star. All of the centre section is set with tiny seed pearls. I just loved the wings and they made me feel happy so this led me look for other pieces that had wings.

Victorian amethyst and pearl brooch/pendant (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

The next one is a larger piece, a Victorian brooch with a pendant attachment, set with seed pearls, small pearls and featuring an amethyst and larger pearl. Very pretty.

The photo above is antique silver French paste pendant of a dove, with Paris hallmarks. These doves were popular in the 18th and 19th century and represented the Holy Spirit. They are called Saint Esprit doves. These doves were often depicted descending from heaven to earth with wings spread. They usually hang from bows. Sometimes they carry an olive branch in their beaks, or gemstones of some sort.

Diamond set bird earrings

The last photo shows some diamond set bird earrings, flying skywards with wings outstretched. They are set in silver and gold.

I hope these wings make you happy too.