2020 has been a challenging year. In Australia, we started with the worst bushfire season we have ever had. Just as the fires were easing, coronavirus arrived. Lockdowns, working from home, restricted travel, closure of country and state borders, self isolation and face masks, all of it. One good thing that arose out of the lockdowns and border closures was that businesses went online and most jewellery auction houses adjusted and did the same. So I was able to keep purchasing some lovely things during 2020 and thought I would share a few with you.

The first is the antique diamond set brooch at the top of the post. It is a whimsical little brooch, portraying two kittens playing with a pearl ball. It always makes me smile when I see it.

The next items are a lovely pair of moonstone earrings, hanging from long, diamond decorated drops. They are modern but reminiscent of the art nouveau period.

Moonstone and diamond drop earrings

Below is a very pretty antique aquamarine, kunzite and pearl set gold necklace. The gold is 15ct and is a buttery yellow. It sits beautifully around the neck. It is an elegant piece.

I have written in a number of posts about my love of snake jewellery and the next piece is one I really enjoy. It is Victorian, around the 1880s, and so is a bit longer than the snake necklaces that were produced in the 1830s and 1840s. It has lovely enamel work in blue and white, garnet gemstones and some ornate gold engraving.

The final piece I wanted to show you is an Australian Colonial pendant/brooch, very typical of antique jewelry from the Australian goldfields era, with ornate grape and vine decoration around an oval glazed locket. The central part of the locket is hinged and lifts up to reveal the concealed locket. There is a red paste stone in the centre.

There will be no posts for the next two weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period but I will be back in 2021. Thank you for reading about antique jewellery and have a relaxing holiday.