Melbourne winters are, unfortunately, often overcast, gray and cold, with some drizzle and rain. It does sound gloomy as I set it out but beauty can still be found in winter. The antique onyx locket with the fern leaf set in seed pearls in the photo at the top of this post is sombre but still a lovely striking piece despite the black.

Even grey can be beautiful. These vintage grey moonstone earrings with diamond highlights are mysterious and appear to have little white dots of light inside them.

Vintage moonstone drop earrings with diamond surround

In fact, there is still some colour around, even in the middle of winter. Red berries add a lovely splash of colour, while winter flowering plants camellias and sweet smelling pink and white daphne are just coming out.

I even noticed today that my little patch of violets was flowering and that the flowers are a perfect match for amethyst gemstones.

Victorian amethyst brooch and earrings

It is my orchids, though, that provide the best winter colour. Last year, which was quite a mild winter during our second year of covid lock downs, their display was fabulous. This year, they are not so spectacular but they still add colour. I have a range of colours – pale green and mauve, yellow and magenta, white ones, and so forth. A favourite is the purple/red coloured orchid with a cream middle which is below and which is a perfect match for my garnet earrings.

Orchid with two pairs of antique garnet earrings