I have said in earlier posts that I love coloured gemstones so it will be no surprise to learn that I try to buy gem set bracelets whenever I see them. This is not easy as they are becoming quite popular and prices are competitive. These gorgeous bracelets are a real splash of colour on the arm and look particularly striking when a couple are worn at the same time.

These bracelets were popular from the late Victorian period until the 1920s. There are expensive versions of these bracelets made with diamonds, and some are comprised of stones of the same one colour, like zircons or moonstones. but the ones I like are the multi coloured ones, made for every day use. Garnets in different colours were used a lot, but to get a bigger palate of colours, a mixture of gemstones were used.  I have photographed three bracelets above, and you can see the spread of colour.

The bracelet below is quite old, late Victorian, with tiny chains joining the stones which have been claw set. The chains between the stones are fragile. There is a single chain and tube clasp. The colours are beautiful, with a central amethyst, citrines, garnets, and pink and blue topaz.

Gem set bracelet BIMG_4475
Delicate antique gem set gold bracelet


The bracelet below has nine graduated gemstones comprising citrine, smokey quartz, garnets, tourmalines and topaz, with a mixture of oval and cushion cuts. The colors are lovely, ranging from dark orange, yellows, olive green, light blues and a green brown. This bracelet, and the one following it, are joined by small hinges, and the bracelet links are elongated box chains. The clasp is a fold over clasp.

Gem set bracelet D IMG_4479
Edwardian gem set gold bracelet (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

This last bracelet also has autumn-toned gemstones , with that pop of blue from the sapphires. The other stones are green and yellow zircons and orangey garnets. The stones are joined by hinges. The bracelet links are elongated box chains and the clasp is a fold over clasp.

gem set bracelet CIMG_4477
Edwardian gem set gold bracelet

It is never easy to date these bracelets because while they were most common in the Edwardian period up to the 1920s,  similar bracelets continued to be made into the thirties.