The safety pin was patented in 1849, although it was just a more sophisticated version of the Bronze Age pins, and is used for some brooches.

turquoise brooch 2IMG_2372
Victorian bar brooch with safety pin fitting.

Another clasp that began to be used about 1880 is the cone-shaped clasp, like a thicker C-Clasp, which offered more security to the wearer.

starburst 4IMG_4544
Cone-shaped C-clasp

Lever safety clasps, locking C-clasps, were used at the end of the century.

snake 3IMG_3386
C-clasp safety lever

The safety clasp, similar to what is used today, came in around 1910.

Early 20th century safety lock

Hinges, too, finally changed towards the end of the 19th century. Ball hinges came in around 1890 and riveted hinges around 1900.

ball hingeIMG_4597
Ball hinge

One piece pin mechanisms with safety catches came in around 1937.