There are a lot of stories around about what people are not wearing to Zoom meetings but it seemed like a good idea to focus on what they could be wearing. Generally, all that can been seen of a person is from the mid chest upwards so that, jewellery-wise, we can see their earrings, their necklace  or pendant and a brooch or pin. Sometimes we can see finger rings. Whatever can be seen, it might as well be beautiful and flattering.

Let’s start with earrings. I love to wear dangly drop earrings so here are some to wear on screen. First are these lovely vintage gold snake earrings. Almost 5cms long, so they are very much going to be noticed.

Vintage 9ct gold snake earrings with ruby eyes (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

if you feel more comfortable with something a little less noticeable, then here are some Victorian gold Etruscan-revival earrings which are light to wear but are very elegant. They are 2.5cms long, excluding the hooks.

Victorian Etruscan-revival drop earrings (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

They do swing, of course, so you might prefer some earrings that don’t, like these Victorian gold disk earrings. These are a little shorter, too, measuring 2.2cms, excluding the hooks.

Victorian gold disk earrings (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

If you want a splash of colour, then these sweet little early Victorian gold earrings, set with turquoise and with seed pearl drops, are perfect. They measure 2cms and 1.8cms respectively and have replacement hooks.

Early Victorian gold drop earrings set with turquoise and with seed pearl drops.

Finally, back to some more striking earrings. These early 20th century gold drop earrings have an ornate trefoil gold top, with a small seed pearl in the centre of each, and then a lovely amethyst with an ornate gold frame. They are 3.5cms long.

Early 20th century gold and amethyst drop earrings

I realise that people who wear headphones for meetings might struggle with these earrings so next week, I will concentrate on necklaces and pendants.