What I have to offer today are pendants so you will need to own a separate chain or necklace to go with them. That means that you can determine the length of the piece and where it sits on you. Most of these pictured here are pendants with brooch fittings as well.

Antique Australian starburst brooch/pendant (in Navettejewellery on Etsy)

Let’s start with an antique Australian piece. This star pendant/brooch is from the turn of the century. It is a lovely example of its type, with a centre set with a turquoise bead surrounded by eight seed pearls and eight seed pearl set star points. Then there is an outer circle set with seed pearls, with eight little arrow heads set with turquoise between each star point. It was made by Duggin, Shappere & Co, manfacturing jewellers in Melbourne in Australia in about 1900. (It is photographed on page 81 in ‘Australian Jewellers’ by Cavil, Cocks and Grace). It has Australian hallmarks showing an anchor (the mark for Duggin, Shappere & Co), 15ct and a hanged sheep symbol, which was the quality mark for 15ct gold.

Austro-Hungarian cross with beryl, pearls and paste stones (in Navette on Ruby Lane)

Antique crosses come in every size and are made of different materials. This large cross, made of silver gilt and set with green beryl gems, seed pearls and paste, is from the 1880s and was made in the Austro-Hungary Empire. The Austro-Hungarian Empire, existing from 1867 to 1918, excelled in producing high quality Renaissance Revival pieces, with fine enamel work, paste, precious stones and filigree work. The cross is 3 1/3 inches (8.4cms) tall and very much a statement piece.

Victorian coral and seed pearl pendant with miniature (in Navettejewellery on Etsy)

This is a beautiful gold Victorian pendant/brooch in a triangular design set with coral and seed pearls. In the centre is an oval space into which has been placed the portrait of a lady’s head and shoulders. This covered by a glazed panel. A surround set with coral beads is next, then a final border set with seed pearls, plus two larger coral beads set in a half moon of pearls on each side. The moveable bale is also set with seed pearls. It weighs 16.7 grams. The pendant measures 5.08cms (2 inches) by 3.81cms (1 ½ inches).

Victorian shell cameo pendant/brooch (in Navette in Ruby Lane)

This is a stunning pendant/brooch comprising a gorgeous large Victorian shell cameo set in a 15ct gold frame, depicting probably Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, as symbolized by the grapes and vine leaves on his head. The frame consists of two gold strands drawn together into a knot, and forming a fixed loop for a chain. The piece can also be worn as a brooch as it has a pin and roll over safety clasp. The cameo measures 1 7/8th inches by 1 ½ inches. The frame is 2 ½ inches by 1 ½ inches. The piece weighs 16 grams.

Finally, I wanted to talk about the lovely pendant/brooch at the top of the post. Made of 15ct gold, it has wings set with seed pearls at each side of a bow, also set with seed pearls. A round amethyst is placed underneath the bow and there are three prongs each ending with a pearl on each side of the gemstone. Hanging from the amethyst is an oval cultured pearl (this is a replacement). The brooch is 2.12 inches wide (54mm) and it is 1 ¼ inches (35mm). It weighs 10.9gms. An oval ring, which is a slightly different shade gold to the brooch, has been added to the top of the brooch so it can be worn as a pendant.